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The Enrich step uses linked data that is asserted in the internal store to derive new linked data.

graph LR sources -- 1. Extract --> record record -- 2. Transform --> record record -- 3. Assert --> ld ld -- 4. Enrich --> ld ld -- 5. Validate --> ld ld -- 6. Publish --> destinations linkStyle 3 stroke:red,stroke-width:3px; destinations[("D. Destinations\n(TriplyDB)")] ld[C. Internal Store] record[B. Record] sources[A. Data Sources]

TriplyETL supports the following languages for making enrichments:

  • SHACL Rules allows the implementation of business rules that can add linked data to the internal store. TriplyETL supports the following forms of SHACL Rules:

  • SPARQL is a query language that can also be used to add and remove data. This allows SPARQL to be used as an enrichment language. TriplyETL supports the following forms of SPARQL enrichment:

    • SPARQL Construct allows linked data to be added to the internal store.
    • SPARQL Update allows linked data to be added to and deleted from the internal store.

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If you have not loaded any linked data in your Internal Store yet, use one of the following approaches to do so: