TriplyDB datasets

Datasets in TriplyDB store linked data in one or more graphs. Such datasets can be loaded as a TriplyETL source. The following snippet loads a dataset from TriplyDB into the internal RDF store of TriplyETL:

loadRdf(Source.TriplyDb.rdf('my-account', 'my-dataset')),

As with other TriplyDB sources, the account name is optional. When omitted, a dataset from the user account that is associated with the current API Token is used:


Graphs option

By default, all graphs from a linked dataset are loaded. It is possible to specify a only those graphs that should be loaded. The following snippet only loads the data model, but not the instance data:

    { graphs: [''] }

TriplyDB instance

The triplyDb option can be used to specify that a linked dataset from a different TriplyDB instance should be used. This option works in the same way as for TriplyDB assets: link