A TriplyDB data story is a way of communicating information about your linked data along with explanatory text while also being able to integrate query results. To create Data stories with TriplyDB.js You can use the User.ensureStory or User.addStory functions to create. If you want to retrieve an already created data story you can use the functions User.getStories to iterate over all stories, or retrieve a particular one with User.getStory.

Story objects are obtained through the the following methods:


Deletes this story. This deletes all paragraphs that belong to this story.

This does not delete the queries that are linked into this story. If you also want to delete the queries, then this must be done with distinct calls of Query.delete().


The following code example deletes a story called 'example-story' under the current user's account:

const user = await triply.getUser()
const story = await user.getStory('example-story')
await story.delete()


Returns information about this data story.

Information is returned in a dictionary object. Individual keys can be accessed for specific information values.


The following snippet prints the paragraphs that appear in a data story:

for (const element of (await story.getInfo()).content) {
  if ((element.type = 'paragraph')) {